Decisions, Decisions

Having made the momentous, if somewhat impetuous, decision to go travelling we had to figure out where in the world we’d like to go. As a product of the 20th century my first point of call is, of course, Google. Here I found a plethora of travel sites and it became very clear that Southeast Asia is the way forward, the rich culture, landscapes, weather not to mention cost of living makes it a undeniably perfect travel option. I’ve also been lucky enough to holiday in Thailand but only had a few weeks to explore a small portion of this gorgeous country so can’t wait to go back without any time limit.
We’ve been discussing the countries we want to travel to and every time we chat a new country gets added to the list, I think we are going to have to employ the scientific ‘pick from the hat’ method to decide. Something we do agree on is we are only going to choose and plan the first destination, after that we’ll make it up as we go along. After having so many years working and adhering to a strict schedule the thought of winging it for a while has the appeal of a oxygen to an asthmatic.

One of the things we do agree on is that we are not in our late teens, we are in our early 30’s and though we won’t be staying in the Hilton there are many accommodation options that don’t require sharing a room with 15 other people. So we have found the middle ground and instead of backpacking we shall be flash-packing or “posh-packing” as the kids like to call it now days. Flash-packing has been defined simply as backpacking on a bit of a bigger budget, it’s on Wikipedia therefore it’s a real thing 🙂

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