The average cost of a Beer

For any self-respecting, youngish adult traveler this is one of the easiest, if not the only, universal way of figuring out
exchange rates and how much bang you’ll get for your buck.

Below is a rough indicator of exchange rates and the average cost of domestic beers (500ml draught). Bear in mind exchange rates fluctuate daily and are impacted by many factors, but most importantly foreign currency is just a product for sale like any other. The seller will buy lots of currency at a wholesale rate (called the spot rate) and apply their own margin resulting in the final exchange rate they offer, this will vary from supplier to supplier depending on how much of a margin they choose to apply. So, as with anything else you would buy, make sure you shop around for the best rate don’t just purchase currency from the first hole in the wall because it’s convenient. If you are on any sort of budget shopping around for a good exchange rate can be a great way to maximise on whatever you have saved up.

Country Currency Exchange Rate Avg. Cost of Beer £ Conversion
Australia Australian Dollar 1.7 6.5 £3.82
Bali, Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah 17718.9 25,000.00 £1.41
Bolivia United States Dollar 1.6 1.5 £0.94
Cambodia United States Dollar 1.6 1 £0.63
China Chinese Yaun 9.4 8 £0.85
Cuba United States Dollar 1.6 1 £0.63
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar 12.1 30 £2.48
India* Indian Rupees 100.0 90 £0.90
Laos United States Dollar 1.6 1.36 £0.85
Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit 4.9 10 £2.04
Myanmar (Burma) United States Dollar 1.6 1 £0.63
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar 1.8 7 £3.89
Peru Peru Nuevo Sol 4.2 5 £1.19
Philippines Philippine Peso 66.4 41.06 £0.62
Singapore Singapore Dollar 1.9 6 £3.16
Thailand Thai Baht 49.8 60 £1.20
Vietnam Vietnamese Dong 31592.9 20,000.00 £0.63

*Don’t forget you can’t take Indian Rupees in or out of India you can only purchase them when you get into the country so of course you’ll have to spend them all before you go, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it


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